Johnny Marr arrives in Belgrade: Famous Guitaristwill perform on Belgrade Beer Fest

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Johnny Marr arrives in Belgrade: Famous Guitaristwill perform on Belgrade Beer Fest

Johnny Marr, famous guitarist and co-author of "The Smiths" biggest hits, will play for the first time in Serbia on August 14 at the Belgrade Beer Fest Main Stage. During the Tour, Marr will perform at the biggest European festivals, and will arrive in Belgrade after Glastonbury and Sziget festivals.

He is one of the most respected British rock guitarists of all time, a songwriter and singer,and after The Smiths, he continued his rich musical career as a member of several bands such as: "The pretenders", "The Electronic, "Modest Mouse" and "The Cribs". He has been on albums and has achieved successful collaboration with the best and most interesting artists of today, such as Oasis, Brian ferry, Talking Heads, Pet Shop Boys, Tom Jones, Pearl Jam and many others.

The first independent album "The Messenger" was released in 2013, and after only a year also the second album called "Playland". He recorded his latest album "Call theComet" in his studio andreleased it last year. This album is "his personal magical realism".

The context of the album is set in a not so distant future and mainly deals with the idea of an alternative society. The Characters of the songs search for new idealism, although there are also completely personal songs as well. The intention was to provide people with something that they could connect to - said Marr. Trough the years he managed to stay musical and very fresh and to follow the modern scene, and again to create the perfect harmony of "rebellious" and "protestant" attitude with commercial indie-punk.

Otherwise, "The Smiths" career peak is considered to be the album "The Queen is dead", so besides the songs from his albums, he will perform some of the biggest hits by The Smits at Belgrade Beer Fest.